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We stock an eclectic selection of award winning artisan gins, whiskey, vodkas, beers and English Wines


Sky Wave Gin

Bicester's first gin, hand-crafted in Bucknell. This unique gin combines 13 botanicals to create a wonderfully smooth gin

Cotswold Founders Choice Single Malt Whiskey

Made in shaved, toasted and recharred American Oak red wine barriques which give a rich and intense maturation to the distillery's fruity spirit, offering toffee, oak and red fruits and a deep colour

Cotswold Single Malt Whiskey

Distilled twice and aged in ex-bourbon and red wine casks before blended and bottled

Cotswold Gin

A blend of nine carefully considered botanicals

Cotswold 1616 Barrel Aged Gin

This barrel aged gin is made by redistilling Cotswold Malt Whiskey in a copper still and combining it with juniper, coriander, nutmeg, orange peel and other botanicals

Colonial Gin

Distilled in Cheltenham, a smooth crisp gin with fresh juniper and citrus notes

Chase Elegant Gin

Distilled in Herefordshire, crisp, fruity, full bodied and aromatic

Chase GB Gin

Full bodied and robust with a dry finish

Chase Seville Marmalade Gin

Carefully crafted by copper pot distilling GB gin with an abundance of Seville orange peel

Chase Marmalade Vodka

A smooth and creamy spirit marinated with marmalade and ribbons of peel from Serville oranges, then distilled again with orange peel from Valencia

Toad Oxford Dry Gin

A classic juniper forward gin with layers of bright citrus and aromatic botanicals

Toad Physic Gin

Formulated and designed to celebrate the history and current usage of the university of Oxford’s extraordinary botanic garden – expect rich earthy notes from this gin – like nothing you have tasted before

Toad Ashmolean Gin

Inspired by the Museum's collections from around the world and flavoured with 17 botanicals including exotic jara lemon, rose, jasmine and spices from the Middle East

Toad Oxford Rye Vodka

A pure smooth vodka with a clean finish and delicate spice

Wood Bros Single Estate Vodka

Distilled in Oxfordshire, very smooth, creamy and sweet on the nose with hints of vanilla and toffee

Warner Edwards Melissa Botanical Gin

Distilled in Northamptonshire, an elegant texture with bright, fresh leafy notes, floral citrus and some spice of cardamom and nutmeg

Warner Edwards Elderflower Gin

A beautifully balanced gin that is smooth, sweet and delicately fragrant with Elderflower

Cheltenham Gin

A pure and complex cloudy gin with lime and juniper accents to begin, finely spiced mixed palate and a soft lingering finish

Sibling Original Gin

Triple distilled in Cheltenham, subtle notes of fresh citrus and light juniper lead, while distinctive tones of vanilla and blueberry give this gin its characteristic smoothness

Sibling Autumn Edition Gin

As with Sibling Original Gin, but infused with fresh apples, blackberries and homemade cardamon syrup

Bramley & Gage 6’0’Clock Gin

Strikingly smooth with a clean flavour led by juniper together with carefully selected botanicals

British Polo Gin

Quadruple distilled using organic botanicals to create a flavoursome and smooth gin

Shakespeare Stratford Gin

Juniper led with delicious herbal notes and a burst of floral and citrus

Shakespeare Rhubarb Gin

Made by pressing the fruit to extract the Rhubarb juice and blended with award-winning Stratford Gin to produce a deliciously sweet and tangy gin

Two Birds Straberry & Vanilla Gin

Sweet summer berry notes, up front and zesty, balanced by creamy vanilla and a pinch of black pepper

Two Birds Lemongrass Gin

Delightful Lemon and Citrus fruit flavours with a subtle sweetness and a delicate ginger note

Ramsbury Single Estate Gin

A smooth gin with floral tones and crisp quince fades into more savoury juniper, with a refreshing finish and a touch of spice

Psychopomp Craft Distilled Gin

A classic London dry gin with juniper berries, coriander seed, angelica root, cassia bark, fresh grapefruit zest and fennel seed

Sly Gin

A smooth, full on, classic juniper led gin with complex herbal mid tones of lavender and bay, seasoned with Rosemary and sweet spice

Sly Pink Grapefruit Gin

Delicate pink grapefruit is complemented by sweet orange and bright fresh lemon

Pinkster Gin

Premium gin distilled in small batches. Deliciously dry with a hint of real raspberry and an exceptionally smooth finish